Our Process

When we do work together, this is what will happen along the way.
  1. Discuss
    Let's find out what you expect from us? We help you define and refine your project. Your goals, budget, timeline, interactions and more. These are the key steps for any successful project, so we can find best possible ways to approach the design and its components.
  2. Design
    We show you sample projects we already did or in our portfolio ready to launch. Once you decide which route is the one you like, we start designing the website. In this process, we need your input about website material such as pictures, information, text and more... No worries, we will help you all the time.
  3. Create
    Once the essential framework completed, we will let you know about administrator login information and get your feedback. The things you like, the things you don't like etc. We will complete the project with you, make it fully functional and celebrate the grand opening!

Logo, Social Media and Marketing

It is essential to get in touch with the clients via social media and marketing material. Avem Design can help you design brilliant marketing materials; from brochure to logo to company booklet. Moreover, we are expert of Social Media platforms, its influence and application.

Digital Consultancy

You have a complex project and looking for a project coordinator/manager. We are here! We can help you save money via digital project control, finding right people and right talent and track project progress so you can be sure that everything is on the right path!

Virtual IT

Hosting, domain, emails, web site backup, crashes, computer malfunction, lost passwords, viruses and many more headache won't stop you from what you focus on! We are passionate about your digital health, Stay with us and Stay Healthy!

What do you have in mind?

All ideas start with initial kick off, contact us and take the first step....
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