What is Design Pricing?

Design and Installation of Website Itself. It has various components that needs to be sum up under the same database.

What are Framework & Installation of Design?

Creating Framework and design of Website Itself. This process has various components that needs to be sum up under the same database.

What is Demo Data Installation?

Demo Data is a dummy data where it gives you full functionally of the website. Without Demo Data, the website will be blank.

What is Real Time Data Input?

Real Time Data is a real data that will replace the Demo Content of the Website. Our Clients must give us the Real Time Data so we can replace the Demo Data. Real Time Data can be changed, replaced, added and deleted freely in accordance with the Client's desire.

What is Admin Area?

Once the website completed with full real time data, you can login to Admin Area and update the information; delete, add, replace text & images etc. It gives you full back end experience.

What is Unlimited Data?

You can add unlimited image, text and video to each web-page.

What is Free Updates?

We will continue add Real Time Data as you wish for the period of time.

What is Document Upload and Download?

Uploading, Adding, Removing or Replacing PDF, DOC and other type of files to your website for download and upload.

What is Training For?

We will give you crash course on how to use your website from the back end. Adding Pages, Posts, Images, Text etc.

What is eCommerce & Payment Add on?

If you wish to sell products, services and more, you need eCommerce to be designed and also a payment gateway where you can collect payments, issue invoices etc.

What is Unlimited Pages & Images?

If you are running eCommerce, you need a web page for each product, service and add multiple images to attract customers. Unlimited Pages & Images give you unlimited product, service creation.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the website name where you type to internet browser. For example, Avem Design's domain name is www.avemdesign.com

What is Free Domain?

When you decide you are ready to start a website, you need to visit a name provider such as www.name.com and search for available domain names. We purchase a 'com', 'net', 'org' domains in your name. The first year is on us, from that point every following year you need to pay us to extend your domain name. It usually costs from $9 to $20 per year.

What is SSL Certificate?

It is a Green Bar with lock symbol next to your domain name. SSL Certificate indicates that your website is secure, legit and up to regulations. Payments, Users and other data shall be protected against the hackers and other unauthorized activities.

How much SSL Costs?

With Us, ZERO!

SSL Certificate cost up to $399. It is completely free for our clients.

What is DNS Set Up?

Once the domain name purchased, there will be extra steps to point the Domain to right DNS Servers.

What is Unlimited DiskSpace and Bandwidth?

You can have as much visitor you can have and have unlimited interaction with your visitors as well. For example you have limited Diskspace, it means you will have limited text, image and other materials, your website can have. And limited Bandwidth means, you can have only 100 or 1000 visitors a month, after that your website cannot be reachable. Avem Design provides unlimited Diskspace and unlimited Bandwidth.

What is Email Address?

It is an Email address of your domain. For example; jon.doe@example.com.

What is User Interaction?

User Interaction means, users can register and leave comments to your pages, posts etc. If you desire, we can set a forum where you can pool the users under the same platform.

What is Website Backup?

We backup your website every month, so if any unfortunate things happen (such as hacking, wrongly deleting data, etc) we will back up your website last known version.

What is Support?

Running a Website is complicated. If you have any questions on how and what to do, we are here to help.

What if I want more service and Custom Design?

Our hourly rate is $45. You can hire us for your custom designs. In addition if you require more services such as website backup, customer live chat etc. we can give you a quotation. Just let us know what you desire...

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