Resume / CV

Having a website and presenting your Resume (CV) is a unique way to give a great impression to employers, peers and career development.

Portfolio / vCard

Portfolio or vCard is an essential factor for a student to expose himself/herself to the business environment. Sharing accomplishments and knowledge will give you a clear upper-hand.

Student Blog

A Blog will give you opportunity to share your experience, knowledge and information about your education, life and professional gain to others.
  1. Decide on a Website
    Decide what type of website you need; Resume, vCard, Portfolio or Blog. Create a plan for your website's intention, audience and information it will contain. During design process and later, you can contact us for any questions.
  2. We Get Your Website Ready
    We will help you find a domain name, provide hosting and create your website with dummy data in it. You will have a log-in information and explore new website, its components and pages.
  3. Add Information & Update
    Now, it is time to replace dummy data with the real one. Send us all relevant data and we input the info the way you want. Once website completed, we will give you quick tutorial how to update, add more information and more...

Have a Question?

Don't Wait, Showing your academic skills via a Website will give you better chance to present yourself.


Student Website Design
99.99 $ One Time Fee
Real Time Data Input
Admin Area Login
Unlimited Data
2 Hour Training
Monthly Maintenance Fee
19.99 $ per month
Free Domain & DNS Set Up
Free Web-hosting & SSL Certificate
Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
5 Email Address
2 Hour Support Per Month
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